Produced as part of a year's residency at the Creekside Centre, Deptford.

A photographic record of Deptford Creek produced as part of a project inspired by medieval books of hours and The Garden Kalendar of 18th century naturalist Gilbert White.

"The river, as both literal place and metaphor is the ideal location for dreaming and for reflecting on our amphibian existence where we inhabit the past as well as live in the present."

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The Spring Equinox, Little Dodnash Farm, Bentley, Suffolk 2011.

A series of photographs, inspired by medieval books of hours and the Suffolk landscape, taken during the day of the 2011 Spring Equinox. This work was made as the result of a week's residency on the farm and was shown as part of the subsequent exhibition entitled "A Rural Idyll" at Ruth Richmond Fine Arts.

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Window 135


This book documents a site-specific drawing made by invitation of Tim Jones and Meena Chodha, as part of an Arts Council funded project, in the window of a shopfront in New Cross Road, South East London.

The drawing was made by whiting out the window with emulsion to resemble an abandoned shop and a scalpel was used as a an etching tool to draw the everyday scene outside the window. The finished drawing was was inked up and prints taken.

A further source of inspiration was a medieval model of the universe taken from from The Discarded Image (a study of medieval and renaissance literature) by C S Lewis.

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