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Grace Lodge

Grace Lodge is an artist who lives and works in London. She graduated from UEL with Joint Honours in Fine Art Painting & Printmaking, and went on to take her Masters in Painting at Wimbledon School of Art. She uses a variety of painting media and permanent markers to create her composite works based on urban experience.

Her work explores communication, duality, and the urban experience through painting. These are personal visual diaries with influences of a mixed heritage: Chinese and English. In a world full of visual stimuli, capturing the attention of the viewer is a challenge for an artist. Grace is interested in the relationship between artist and viewer, the production and consumption of art, and the engagement between making and seeing. Combining her personal experience of hybridity and making art she attempts to assimilate these facets in order to create some sense of cohesion and anchorage. Her paintings take on aspects of the urban in form and expanse and the coming together of diversity and the everyday, of chaos and order. The work is like advertising a sale; laying everything out in front of the viewer, drawing them in. It is intentionally abstract, deliberately obscure, forcing the viewer to work at looking. Each component interconnected to form the whole; competing for space and attention. There is deliberately no focal point but a general alloverness inviting the viewer to scan the work until the eye rests on a self selected area.



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