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Residency at Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity Lok Fu, Hong Kong

In 2008/9 Grace and Mich spent three months in Hong Kong at the Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity where they ran drawing and painting workshops. They lived on Hong Kong Island at the ACO artists' residency and were provided a large studio at the school. At the end of the residency there was an exhibition of their work and work by the students from the workshop.

For an account of the residency go to and click on the drop-down menu for Residency at Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity.

Common Ground Press Release

Residency at the Lee Shau Kee Scool of Creativity, Hong Kong

Common Ground was founded by two London-based artists, Grace Lodge and Mich Maroney, and is the first international visual artist collaboration to be invited to work with the Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity in Hong Kong (known as Creative Hong Kong).

From December 2008, they will spend three months with Creative Hong Kong in a studio provided by the school. In return they will run workshops, give lectures and hold "open studio" events where students, members of the public and artists will take part in informal and friendly exchanges providing forums for discussion and an exchange of ideas and artistic practice between East and West. The two artists share a mixed Eastern and Western ancestry, (the basis for their collaboration), and whilst not forming a definite subject matter, this can be seen to shade aspects of their work.

Straddling two cultures can mean one feels fully at home in neither and, to an extent, on the outside looking in. However, this duality results in a certain richness and complexity of experience. The hybrid creates a world for his-herself, sometimes lonely but always interesting and never simple. Growing up in a dual culture makes you look at the world differently, there is never one way of seeing things.

Culture is formed of many diverse, subtle and "foreign" elements that are subsumed into the prevailing whole. It is important that this is recognised by the wider public. The residency, and the work resulting from it, will foster this understanding, Identity and memory is an intrinsic part of how a work of art is created without being an obvious or literal part of the subject matter and process.

In these days of greater openness and interest between China and the West and in light of the Olympic Games, it is of vital importance to keep channels of communication flowing. Education has a very important role to play in this exchange and our aim is to keep the residency going for future artists on our return from Hong Kong.

On return to the UK Common Ground will produce works for an exhibition resulting from research and development during the residency and their time in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

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